Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"my super power is the uncanny ability to always have a half full cup of slightly warm coffee in my hand at any moment of the day"

-- Matthew Gray Gubler

"Golden are the days,
when the crisp air meet the sun rays,
the park swings greet children at play,
the leaves on the tree no longer stay.

Golden are the days,
of cardigans so snug,
holding on like a warm autumnal hug,
an October full of cider in a mug.

Golden are the days of you and me,
apple picking trees,
wind and breeze,
until the days of frost and freeze."

-- Me

Autumn makes me dream.
One day I'll go apple picking.
One day my future husband and I will go to the park and we'll throw a baseball back and forth.
One day the air will be real cold and the leaves will actually change color.

Even if I get just a little bit of Autumn here in FL,
I still love it.
Autumn is great.
\Oh, and so is Matthew Gray Gubler.

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