Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Buckeyes, Sleepovers, and Proverbs

Last night I spent the night at my friend Brooke's  apartment. I made and time lapsed Buckeyes with my friend Mikayla and they were delish. Then after that and some goofing off and some tv watching, we went to bed. But Brooke and I didn't go to sleep for another hour. It was just a great time spent talking heart to heart and about God and things that matter. I appreciate that about our friendship we can laugh about stupid videos or have deep conversations. It was nice. Today, the weather really felt like Fall (or at least it did in the morning) and in one of my classes we studied and talked about Proverbs 1 and that was a breath of fresh air too. Tomorrow I get to go home for Fall break and I am beyond excited. Oh life.

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