Sunday, October 11, 2015

I'm so thankful for Fall breaks

I am thankful for friends that encourage.
I am thankful for ministries that help kids and their moms and dads to learn about Jesus my Savior.
I am thankful to show them the love of Christ and work with believers who's goal is the same.
I am thankful for created traditional holidays that include bobbing for apples and yummy pumpkin food and painting pumpkins.
I am thankful for a family trip to a sketch zoo with a camel, porcupines, alpacas, a wallaby, pigs,  and etc.
I am thankful for church cookouts and volleyball games.
I am thankful for my home church.
I am thankful for this lovely couple at my church who inspire me daily.

I am so thankful for this weekend, and I am thankful for my life and I want my attitude to remain thankful and loving this week even if it gets hard to. I want Christ to be centered in my mind and to be shown through my actions. He has blessed me so. And I want him to be glorified.

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