Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oh, Taylor Swift

Say what you will about Taylor Swift (and hey I'll admit too that she's had perhaps too many boyfriends and written too many songs about them and has definitely veered from the innocent girl with curls that she once was) but her CDs have kind of measured my years of growing up and her CDs make me nostalgic.

I remember listening to "Teardrops on my Guitar" when I was in middle school and had a crush on a guy named Carl but I thought he liked someone else and I was a dramatic tween so our situation made me think of good old Taylor and Drew and that song. Those were the good old days.

I remember listening to "Fifteen" at my friend Natalie's birthday party day before other guests arrived and commenting on how in a couple months I would be turning fifteen and how weird and old I'd be. Ha. Old.

I remember listening to the Speak Now album on the way to our church's yearly October canoe trip and the air being crisp and feeling lighthearted and I also remember watching the Taylor Swift Thanksgiving Day Special about that album on Thanksgiving when our guests had left.

I guess I don't have too many memories associated with Red if I am being honest. I just remember listening to "All too well" and "Last Time" way too often because those were my favorites and All Too Well made me want a maple latte (which hey I have now tried since then and let me tell you; it's swell). Also, "Red" and "We are never getting back together" were way overplayed. Also, that cd made me more aware that Taylor was leaning more towards the pop genre.

And lastly, "1989" came out last year and my friend Lauren and I had talked about wanting to get it and my Mom ended up buying it for me. I brought it to school and I ashamedly danced out to "Welcome to New York" and some other catchy stuck in your head type songs that I didn't even really like that much. I like her old style better. But her new poppy songs were and are catchy and my unit at my now closed down college would sing them all the time.

So that's Taylor through the years, and some of my memories too.

Although, I'll admit, I miss curly haired lyric/meaning centered and innocent songs.
Just like I miss curly haired, innocent, little girl me at times too.

Oh darling don't you ever grow up.

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