Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Remember what I said about Autumny Days?

Well yesterday was one of them.
It started off rushed but mellowed out.
I learned and took some perspective shots in audio and video and that kinda boosted my mood because film is something I'm interested in. Using software and technology and editing is something I'm less interested in. So days when I get to practice perspective shots and other neat things like that, it's pretty great.
After that, I took my one simple homework quiz and that was it as far as homework goes.
So I opened up the blinds, curled up in my blanket and watched an autumny quirky movie called "Restless".
I've watched it before and it's a movie I quite enjoyed but I think it's an acquired taste for sure.
It's slightly twisted but endearing but really it's a movie that has an interesting concept for me and that's why I like it. It also takes place in Oregon around September and October so there's a lot of Autumn scenery which puts me in a good mood.

Basically, it's about this kid named Enoch who's parents both died in a car accident. 
So, he struggles with death and letting go. 
He crashes other people's funerals, trying to make sense of it because he can't.
At one he meets this girl and they get to talking.
She says she volunteers at the cancer ward but the truth is she actually has cancer.
When she finds out she is going to die in three months, she tells Enoch the truth.
He accepts it and he tries to do whatever he can to help her do everything she wants to before she dies.
He struggles with the fact that she is going to die, but in the end throughout their three months together,
she teaches him in the process how to live and how to let go.
So when she dies, even though it's horrible, it actually helps him come to terms with death and come to terms with life.

It's interesting to me.
But so anyways, I watched it while sipping a pumpkin spice latte and then I helped my friend Dottie bring in pumpkins to Student Life because tomorrow they are holding a pumpkin carving contest. 
Let me tell you, pumpkin lifting is basically like weight training. My arms are sore.

Then after that, we were early for an outside event they were holding at school. 
Free chikfila, bubble soccer, and an outside concert.
So, we helped set up the event and because we did, we got free a chikfila sandwich coupon , chickfila fries coupon, and a chickfila ice cream coupon.
Then I did a little Walmart shopping with friends and ended the night watching Insurgent with Dottie and friends as well.

It was just full of things and full of joy. I enjoyed it.

And today isn't half bad either as I'm listening to a happy hipster playlist and looking forward to a date with a book and reading in an outside pavilion by a lake alone and peaceful.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day!
    The movie sounds interesting...
    Anything filmed in Oregon is gonna be gorgeous...but then, I may be slightly biased;)