Thursday, October 22, 2015

I can taste the weekend

Come closer, a little closer, please.
But all in all, it hasn't been toooo bad this week.
I just want a couple of days with no school.
That's all.

Yesterday, however, I spent sometime helping out with a production of Charlie Brown Christmas put on by little kids at a church. They are so cute, and it makes it enjoyable to help out with them. When I was younger I wanted to be a preschool teacher. And while that isn't necessarily what I want to do now, I think God has placed on my heart ever since I was young, a soft little spot for children. After that, I had a good time at bible study with my friends. It was pleasant.

Today, my first class got cancelled and so I got to sleep in and then take a trip with a couple of my friends and get some dunkin donuts. I did some homework, had some classes, and took a nap and jammed to twenty-one pilots and a bonfire and smores night awaited me as well as the first drama club meeting of the year.  'Smoes and drama in one night. It was a blast. My hair smells like fire and my cheeks felt like they were sunburnt and my stomach was full of laughter. It was great.

And it's nice knowing tomorrow is Friday.
It's a comfort.
I like Fridays.

I can taste the weekend.

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