Monday, October 12, 2015

Get Cozy and Autumny

Yes, Autumny is a word...
Okay, so maybe it isn't.
Just go with it.

Turn the temp. down if you're like me and live in non-cool Florida,
get yourself a cup of cozy tea or apple cider,
grab your favorite cuddly blanket,
oh and fuzzy socks,
and listen to songs that make you think of autumns past or autumns future
watch movies with your favorite autumn tree color changing, breezy scenes in it.

Your choice.

But guys, it's October.

Octobers only occur one month out of the year so make the best of it.

Even if it's overrated, make a pumpkiny goodness baked creation.
Just do it.
And enjoy it.

Get Autumny.

Wear a cardigan.
Take a walk.
Have a smile on your face and highfive a stranger.

And love deeply.

1 comment:

  1. I live in Oregon so the autumn weather is truly autumny this time of year. And I'm a barista so I make my own pumpkin drinks. Love being able to do that!! haha
    I bought two plaid flannel shirts today... Men's. XL. I'm snuggling in one as I write this.
    Ah I love this season!

    And yes. Love deeply. Always.