Friday, February 27, 2015

Thursday Thankfulness

Yesterday was another day full of spontaneity and surprises.
It's going in the book of favorite days.
Yesterday evening was spilled coffee on my part and spilled hot chocolate on my friend's part and uncontrollable laughter.
It was impromptu pancake getting (and free pancakes mind you) at Ihop with my roommate in which we got to catch up and have fun.
It was Resistance playing.
It was a night where some of us didn't want it to end.
And so, we walked around campus.
Then my good friend and I convinced two other people to go with us across the way and stood on the small beach watching the "stars" (also known as city lights) reflect across the water and the dark clouds and vastness of the sky swallow us up.
It was being "bio majors" and examining the grass.
It was talking about the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.
It was examining a dead snake in the grass.
It was waiting until curfew to go back inside.
Some moments are indescribable and yesterday moments I have tried to put in some words, but really, the only place to keep them all are in my mind bank. I can try to describe it to you all,
but only from a distance. You can't grasp the memories like I can. It's too far away for you to see them clearly.
But one day I will read this post again and I will smile as the memories come back to my brain and I see them again.
Thursday was good.
Thursday felt like living.

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  1. I know days like that, where you can't exactly pen them into words for others to completely comprehend, but you'll always be right back to that place and time, whenever you read back over them again. It sounds like it was a magical day for you. :)