Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sing me to Sleep

Today was a full of surprises, go with the flow kind of day and I liked it.
I felt very much like myself today.
Some days I feel stressed and nervous and I have no idea why and then it makes it hard to be myself. But today felt comfortable like a pair of old dreams and re-reading the Harry Potter series.
I did homework, I listened to Disney songs, I watched criminal minds, I went to classes, I ate a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, I wrote, I took a nap, I got coffee with a friend, I learned how to play poker for the first time and came in second place, I saw a drama monologue about love, I spent time with my friends, I took a walk in the cold, I finished a book.
It was a comfortable, pleasurable day.
It was a fresh breathe between my Monday and this Wednesday.
Also, the book of Isaiah.
I'm reading through the 40's in Isaiah.
Those are incredibly moving.
Our God is very much praiseworthy.
To the ends of the earth He should be praised.
Always and Forever.

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