Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Red Umbrellas

And rainy days.
Today was a day of rain.
It was the smell of rain, it was the sound lulling me to sleep for an afternoon nap.
It was walking in the rain with my red umbrella reflecting everything around me while my eyes soaked in every little thing.
It was the night all lit up while the rain illuminated and brought the colors to life.
It was coffee warming my blood as I walked with my friend through the rain.
And then I ventured on my own without my umbrella through the rain.
But it wasn't lonely.
It was pleasant as I sang songs with the sound of rain hiding my cracked, average voice.
Yes, the rain was totally okay today.

It wasn't a sobering, dampening the mood type of rain but an adventurous, lively rain that makes you appreciate the stillness of the life and the soothing sound of nature and the luscious lights.

Raindrops and car lights,
Sing me to sleep tonight.

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