Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I don't remember a time where I laughed as much as I do now.
Laughter is a regular action of mine now.
It's something that people can coin me with.
It's something  I really don't mind being known for.
If  can be known for my laughter and my love, I am totally okay with that.
I know there's not always a time to laugh,
but if there is a time to do it, you should.
It is the best medicine.
Life should be lived with joy because we have the greatest gift in the world.
I know we can't always be joyful, but I know my life has been filled with a lot more laughter than  I have been used to.
I've a seed of joy planted in me and I can only hope that it continues growing.
Speaking of seeds, my roommate brought seeds that will turn into flowers, and it's a long our windowsill and I am excited for it to grow and bloom as life does.
I will whisper words to the seeds and help them grow.
I will aim to do that because word whisperer's are people to be admired.
Not everyone can whisper words even though they help seeds grow...
But everyone can shout words unaware that they are scaring the seeds and withering the future flowers.
whisper in the loud shouts,
bring light to the dark places,
live your life in joy

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