Monday, February 23, 2015

Rootbeer on Front Porches soaking up the Summer Sun

I love Summer more than I used to.
I used to get bored of the unending days of Summer.
But right now, I'm craving the Summer sun.
I'm craving beach days and Rita's ice cream.
I crave a country home with a front porch swing drinking rootbeers or cokes out of glass bottles.
I crave green grass that I can run my bare feet through.
I crave trips and adventures.
I crave a summer job.
I crave occasional days of sleeping in.
I crave summer walks with my sisters.
I don't know exactly what my summer has planned for me.
And I actually don't necessarily want to skip to it just yet.
I am enjoying the rest of my winter/beginning of spring.
But when I watch movies with summer scenes, it makes me miss summer and daydream.

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