Thursday, February 5, 2015


ice cream,
Iron Man,
blogging while listening to "Touch the Sky",
lots of sleep.
I feel like sick days help you grow.
Sick days remind you that sometimes it's okay to kick back and relax.
Sometimes it's okay to have a lovely date night with yourself.
Sometimes you need it.
At college I feel like I have turned a corner and become more extroverted.
I like being busy.
I love playing games.
I love going on walks.
I love getting to hang out with multiple people throughout the day.
It even got to the point where calmer days, I felt antsy staying in my bedroom for longer than an hour.
But today, I feel completely okay being by myself.
It's not always fun but I think sickness can be a blessing in ways.
Would I have relaxed a bit and had a day to myself if I wasn't sick?
Who knows.
But probably not.
God knows what He's doing, always.

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  1. God gives us blessings through things we never would think He would have. It's incredible, really. :) I sure hope you're feeling better!