Friday, June 1, 2012

What I'm Mainly Excited About!

Hello there! Happy first day of June! I suddenly just became aware of how soon my trip to Maine is. In only 17 days... will I be boarding a plane for the first time to this fabulous, beautiful state for the first time. :D I am less than pysched. I also cannot wait to bring my snazzy Graduation camera to take tons of pictures there. (One of the best parts of being able to see pretty new sights is being able to capture them and share them : ) I am going to bring my ipod and listen to at least one song by the Maine (a band) in Maine. Two years ago when I went to Massachussetts, I played Boston by Augustana in Boston. I'm kinda all about those type of adventures. If I ever go to Arizona, I will drink Arizona Tea there. Those type of things are musts. Anywho, even though it's still 17 days away, I'm going to post pictures found off of the internet of what it looks like. :) Of course, after I go there and come back, i'll also post my pictures taken in maine. There will be lobster and lighthouses galore!!!

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  1. I love the music idea!! LOL
    You should take a picture :)