Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I think a lot of what makes writers write has to do with inspiration. So, since my pictures are still on my sister's laptop and I have not been able to convert them to my computer yet and I am currently too lazy to get my book containing my written poems, I am going to show you some pictures that inspire me and mean a lot to me. :) Enjoy!

A constant reminder to be humble in a self centered world.

Gosh I love roadtrips.

I will never turn down an adventure. Ever.

Well, this one is a no brainer. A. Its Owl City. B. The shade thing was creative and cute. :)

"Love when you're ready, not when you're lonely." Very, very, very good advice. Every now and then I feel pressured by people to figure out who I like or who I love and I like this saying. Because it's not a bad thing to wait until you are sure of who you love and to wait till when you are ready to love. You shouldn't try to rush this process or figure it out because you're lonely. In fact, it's okay to not love anyone at this time and moment. You're young, and you've got time.

Yes. I like things that tell me to smile. Smiling is good. Smiles should be worn more often.

I love this tatoo.

I love the beauty of fireworks... I am really excited for Fourth of July. :D

Very good reminder; pain is temporary.

True. Many people rely on others to make them feel like they are of self worth. But that's destructive when a person stops loving you. So don't forget to love yourself too, and still.

So there are my inspiring pictures and bits of wisdom. :) I love them all, so I hope you do too.
                                                              Tuesday's Inspiration,


  1. This is one of your cutest posts yet! :) I love inspiring pictures :D