Saturday, June 9, 2012


So, I just got finished re-reading one of my favorite books. Its called; "Just Listen." It covers a lot of material and has different side stories but one of the key things the book focuses on is the power of music. It decribes music as a constant. When people change or life changes, the songs that were played within your life don't change and the memory that connects with each song doesn't change. Making it super powerful. Music also connects people together. It gives them something to agree about and discuss. One of the main characters said that when sharing his music, he was enlightening people. He was enlightening them with good music from different genres. He was opening their eyes to maybe songs or music people don't normally hear or aren't on the radio 24/7. Thats what I am deciding to do. Some artists you may have heard of before, but on the off chance you haven't, I'm going to share with you a list I composed for a friend I enlightened today. First, I'll give you songs from certain artists. Then, I'll give you just artists that I pretty much like all of their music.


1. Dancing in the Dark - Matt Kearney
2. The Boy Who Trapped The Sun- Copper Down
3. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
4. Stay Young Go Dancing- Death Cab For Cutie
5. Home- Phil Phillips
6. Hallelujah - Jason castro
7. Lonely Lullaby- Owl City
8. Gravity- Sarah Barielles
9. King of Anything- Sarah Barielles
10. Stop and Stare- One Republic
11. Secrets- One Republic
12. Rabbit- Matt Duke
13. Decode - Paramore(Acoustic version)
14. Check yes Juliet- We The kings
15. Life is Beautiful- Icarus Account
16. Safe- Icarus Account
17. Sounds of Silence- Simon and Garfunkel
18. Hey Jude- The Beatles
19. Piano Man- Billy Joel
20. Turning Tables- Adele
21. Hope For Now- City and Colour
22. Your Guardian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
23. Welcome Home- Radical Face
24. Breathe- Anna Nolick
25. Boston- Augustana
26. Get Up -Barcelona
27. Dream On - AeroSmith
28. Sail- Awolnation
29. Finding Beauty- Escala
30. Why- Secondhand Serenade
31. Over My head- The Fray
32. What Sarah Said- Death Cab For Cutie

1. Snow Patrol
2. Chris Daughtry
3. Scotty Mcreery
4. Rascal Flatts
5. David Cook(My favorite from his is Permanent)
6. Mumford and Sons ( in love with all of their songs)
7. Coldplay ( Us Against The World, Clocks, Viva La Vida, Fix You are some of my favorites)
8. Explosions in the Sky(They're just instrumental but they are gloriously beautiful)
9. Anything by Relient K or Switchfoot
10. Anything by Skillet( Hey Lucy is my favorite though)
11. He is We( i think you'll appreciate their voices, Too beautiful is my favorite of theirs)
12. Casting Crowns
13. A fine Frenzy
14. LifeHouse
15. Tenth Avenue North
16. Superchick

These are only a few of my long capacity of music that I love. However, I'm sure to you this is a lot. Therefore, I'll stop here. However, feedback is appreciated. If I enlightened you, let me know. :) If you care to enlighten me, send me some of your favorite songs! I won't judge. I won't think. I'll just listen. ;)
                                                      Love From Saturday,

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