Monday, June 25, 2012

Maine Adventures

Hello Folks! :)
Sorry for the long time of no blogging. But I was in Maine for a week and a day(our plane got delayed). So much went on that I don't even know where to start and what to post about it...  but I figured I'll start with a summary of what we did. And then, later on in the week, I can bombard you with photos and poetry that I wrote over the week as I got inspired.

Adventures in Maine:
1. A Lumberjack Show -With a past Survivor contestant and loads of puns in the scripted show along with real lumberjacks = One of the best things ever.
2. Cadillac Mountain- At night spent up on a Mountain with a pretty view at that moment where the sun has mostly gone down but its not pitch black yet but a purply blue was one of my favoritest nights of existence.
3. A Lobster Hatchery- We got to hear and see baby lobsters!
4. Seawall- A rocky place with gorgeous waves and sea.
5. Bar Harbor- A harbor with such pretty sights! And a quaint little town area.
6.Pretty Marsh Harbor- Another pretty sight.
7. Sand Beach- A WICKED COLD BEACH. The water was numbing to say the least.
8. A Nature Boat Ride- Santa was our tour guide. No joke. :o
9. A Big Can of Mountain Dew- Self explanatory.
10. My First Plane Ride- takeoff was the best part.
11.A Delayed Flight Home- in which we spent another night in Bangor and stayed at a hotel where we had a Girl's Night and Ben and Jerry's IceCream, 12.Pink Hotdogs, Popovers, Honey lemonade, Lots of Blueberry type things- SO MUCH GOOD FOOD and interesting food...
13.Lots of fun, pretty sunsets, comfy cabin, Lots of coffee and tea, good books, poetry, I can't think of what else to mention! It was a blast.

...But its good to be home. :)


  1. You have to post more! I'm dying to hear about the nature boat ride! And the baby lobsters, haha.


  2. Okay woah. You must have gone to Acadia National Park if you went to Bar Harbor. That is one of my most favorite places in the world!!! I'll be going back up there at the end of July.!

  3. Yes, I did!!! XD I just visited there last week. i'm going to be posting pictures as soon as I can get them uploaded on my computer. :) That's awesome! I hope you have an epic time!