Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Mornings

I know some people don't like Monday Mornings, but I like them alot. I always feel contemplative and excited in the mornings and usually inspired as well. I feel like there is a huge possibility of what the day can hold and many adventures to have. Even if the day just turns out to be a boring, nonchalant day, the mornings make me happy. :) I'm going to share some pictures I found this morning that made me inspired and happy in a second. but first I wanted to say two things: 1. I probably won't be blogging on Sundays. Sundays are just so busy. Its my day dedicated to my church, my church family, and my family. I have church in the mornings, sometimes potluck in the afternoon, othertimes some nice and quiet family time, and youth group in the evenings. It's jam packed. So that will be my day of rest. 2. I need followers!!!!! haha. Okay, maybe not NEED. But want. :) I have a total of one. I know I sound sorta pathetic, but I would love it if anyone who stumbles upon this and likes what they see, to become a follower. That way more people will find out or hear about this blog. And as a writer, I want to inspire as many people as I can. Okay, enough of my talking now;


  1. I love all of the photos!! :) Especially "Today you inspired me". To get more followers, you just comment on other blogs and people find out about yours. Sometimes it's slow in the beginning.

  2. That tree, the city lights...Goregeous!
    The moon one is preety cool too.
    As for following...that's how I found yours. =)