Saturday, June 16, 2012


So, it's roughly midnight. And therefore it's roughly Sunday. Which means I'm going to pretend this is Sunday's post. Because Sunday I WILL BE RIDING A PLANE FOR THE FIRST TIME AND BE HEADED TOWARDS MAINE!!! YAYYYYY. (Not that I'm excited or anything...) But, I have free time right now. Which I didn't think I would have. So I'll take this time to make a pretend Sunday post and share one of my old poems that got published in a poetry books of combined poems and authors. Let me know if you like it! :)

Like a candle's dwindling wick is my heart.
The scorching fire latched quickly to the strings and the blood flowing through slowed immensly.
My heart tried to jump through my aching throat and escape in time,
But the ropes didn't reach and my heart couldn't climb.
So the fire fiercly roared and wrapped itself around my heart and lungs,
Burning so courageously I knew it wasn't something I couldn't outrun.
The feeling of someone's absense is hard to explain.
It's when your heart is in a pit of fire thats constantly in flame.
You think your heart is melting but it never fully melts.
It stays aflame for days until its once no longer felt.
You think you'll never make it out alive until one day you do.
And then you'll find your heart intact and so you are too.

I like the bolding and italicizing of some words. Even if they wouldn't normally seem important, the bolding or italicizing of that word demands your attention. It makes you look at it longer, pay more attention to it. Fascinating how that is.
                                                          Happy Sunday(ish!)

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