Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Worship His Holy Name

Although I was struggling with my mind earlier in the night, my turned out to be one of the best nights. It was full of spontaneity which was wonderful. I went to drama club which wasn't too long and tiring, but just right and then my really good friends came in and surprised me with a gingerbread latte which totally perked me up. And then they stayed around in the drama room where there is a piano and my best friend Lauren started playing hymns and Christmas songs and everyone gathered around and sang and even though we were far from perfect, it was beautiful and perfect to me. It was something pure and sweet and it filled my heart with joy. All my worries and struggles were washed away. God knew exactly what I needed, and worshipping Him in the midst of a great group of Christian friends was a great way to end my night. Sometimes I tend to forget that Christians have a certain, unbreakable bond between us and that's our love and relationship with Christ. Despite all our differences, we all share that and it's so important. And it's great to be able to spontaneously worship together. God is so good.

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