Saturday, November 8, 2014

Spontaniety of November

Thursday was a gem.
It was full of surprises- some good, some bad, some just plain weird.
But I'm okay with that, it keeps you on your toes.

Thursday was dinner conversations with different people- some old friends, some new. It was a churro in my bowl of milk leftover after I had eaten my cereal. It was endorphins yay! It was the description of the skit we're rehearsing. It was the attempts of blowing on a cup inside of another cup to land on the inside of another cup. It was spontaneity of studying with friends together. It was car rides with windows down. It was skit rehearsal. It was a random trip to Target to get ice cream sandwiches and sitting in the back of my best friend's boyfriend's truck.

Friday was a trip to Wawa's to get free coffee. It was accidently spilling water all over the library table... whoops. It was talking with my sister. It was driving to Micheals, Target, and the Dollar Tree to run errands. It was experimenting with my costume and failing miserably and therefore having to run more errands. It was getting to know people I don't know well, better. It was classical music. It was free chikfila provided by our school. It was skit rehearsal where our props of fake blood failed terribly and stained the floor. It was laughter and slideshows and watching guys be guys and wrestle each other. It was hanging out in "the cove" and watching Criminal Minds until it was kick out time. It was altogether pretty wonderful and pleasant.

Once you get past Mondays, everything else is great.

Spontaneity for the win.

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  1. Yes! Unplanned happiness to me trumps planned by a country mile. The last line is my favorite. :)