Thursday, November 20, 2014

I am not myself today

I do not know who I am.
Maybe I am a cowboy who defeats the robbers and bandits in Texas.
Maybe I am an alien awaiting my alien friends to take me back to Mars.
Maybe I am a librarian who kindly reminds people to return their books on time.
Maybe I am a fairy and I am flying through the sky glowing and growing in dark places.
Maybe I am just an ant in a huge city.
Maybe I am a puzzle, I still have yet to figure out.
I do not know who I am.

I felt confident of who I was yesterday.
Today, I do not know.

Maybe it's lack of sleep.
Maybe it's the stress of all these weighing assignments.
Maybe it's the cold weather.
it's just growing.

Alice was completely right in saying there's no use going back because yesterday she was a different person than from what she was today.

I feel like I change a lot, but I also stay the same.

'Cest La Vie.

I rest in Your Word and Your Plans for me my Lord.
Give my soul patience and comfort, please.
I need it, I need you.

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