Saturday, November 1, 2014


October you have served me well. I can't believe you are actually over. Some days you felt too long, and other days you felt too short.
However, you were perfect for me.
You were a changing month and I thank you for that.

The first day of October I remember being so excited I doodled pictures of pumpkins all day. Then, throughout the month, I: visited a pumpkin patch and carved a pumpkin with my family, went to a corn maze, drank multiple pumpkin coffees, watched Sleepy Hollow, lit pumpkin candles, apple bobbed, took pictures balancing apples on my head and yours, chilled with scarecrows, ate lotsa candy, dressed up as a hippie to get a half priced burrito, went to Clearwater beach, checked out safety harbor's fall festival, held a parakeet, played capture the flag as my friend broke her nose, decorated a small pumpkin named Spike, wore sweaters, went on a hay ride, practiced for the "Everything" lifehouse skit, and made amazing new experiences and friends. Life flourished in this month.

But today, I woke up with a change in the air as well. November winds flew through the air as I watched my sister's first soccer game and froze and was told of the red starbucks cups being out for the holidays and their gingerbread lattes out as well. More memories are ready to be created, adventures to be held and exciting things are on it's way.

I'm thankful for this month. I'm excited for Thanksgiving (one of my favorite holidays, if not my sole favorite). I'm excited to go to Downtown Disney for my first time with my college friends. I'm excited to actually share my testimony and perform the skit. I'm excited to see Mockingjay.

I'm excited.
I'm thankful.
I'm ready.

Bring it November.

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