Saturday, November 8, 2014

Someday, You and I'll...

Sit by a fireplace and just read while enjoying each other's company.
Go on long walks around lakes while the weather is crisp but not freezing.
We'll jog together to keep fit, even if it's only once a month.
You'll witness what I look like in my photographer mode, and you'll steal my camera to take a few shots of your own.

 Maybe you'll even be good at it?

We will definitely climb trees and maybe chill and talk up there for a few minutes enjoying life.
I'll show you some of my writings and perhaps you will have some writings of your own.
We will dance, even if we both mess up terribly but that's okay because then we'll laugh at it.
We'll go to a breakfast diner and marvel over waffles and bacon.

We'll discover the world together, you and I.
Filling up jars of memories,
creating adventures in our heads,
singing songs out of tune.
Gazing at the stars, listening to the moon.
You and I,
I and you.

When the time is right,
when the weather permits,
when the planets are in line,
but really, when God says it is.

Then You and I will be all that we can be.
Praising God every step of the way.
Loving Him first and wholeheartedly.
Letting Him guide our lives, and thanking Him for the breaths He gives.

That's how You and I will love, and how You and I will live.

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