Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Shout to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever!"


Joy is such a precious word. It needs to be cradled and held and nurtured. It needs to be rocked and loved and taken care of.

I've had so much joy in the past two days, and I'm taking care of it. Because joy is a precious and beautiful gift so when you have moments of joy, they should be kept away in the corners of your mind where you can keep it forever and take it out to entertain you on rainy days.

Thursday was WaWa's runs, singing of Hunchback of Notre Dame, girl talk, seeing the beautiful view of the causeway on the balcony at night, running up and down stairs belting love is an open door and acting as if we were in a musical, a walk with another friend, drama club and improve and more laughter, a ridiculous video of "the gift of the magi".

Friday was classes, lunch with new friends, congregating before Spanish, Starbucks run with the sister and two other friends, pictures in the cold weather with cups of coffee, another fun walk with friends and more creative picture taking, enjoying the weather and goofing off with friends. Then my friend Lauren and I went over to another friends' house for a party full of pizza, cookies, and xmen watching. Then Lauren stayed the night with me and we acted out animal farms with animal figurines, and talked late into the night and painted nails.

These are the moments I want to tuck away into my brain.

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