Friday, March 8, 2013

What I'm...

What I'm Digging:

- Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream (Even though it's not in my possesion at the moment)
- Crazy Dogs that snuggle up into your lap
- "The Orphaned Anythings" by Stephen Christianson
- Spring Break
- Psalms. Always. The Psalms.
- Nostalgia.
- Childhood Photographs.
- Coffee Shops and Bakeries
- Piers
- Make shift Forts
- Village Inn (It's one of my favorite places)
- Remembering good music (like Death Cab for Cutie)
- Dancing
- Disney World
- The Goofy Movie
- The Stars and How the Shine No Matter How Dark it Gets
- Realizing you have awesome friends and family
- Remembering to be Thankful
- Having Purpose

What I'm Missing:

- Soccer (Already)
- Photography (It's been awhile since I've taken photos.)
- Words. Words from past poems and songs and writings that I can't recall or remember.
- Hugs. I don't think I've gotten a lot of them lately. Good hugs. The type that make that little voice in your head go; "Yeah. I'm loved." Not in a cocky way, but an appreciative and cheerful way.
- Roadtrips.
- Pumpkin Spice Lattes
- Perkins Muffins
- Victory Late Night Dinners after Track Meets
- The Beach
- Being Young.
-The Warmth of the Sun and the Feel of Summer
- Lunchables and Nilla Wafers
- Time. I feel short on time recently. I'm currently reading three books, keeping up a blog, juggling 5 classes and its homework, writing like crazy, dancing, cooking on mondays, trying to keep up daily exercises, church on sundays and wednesdays and I just feel short on time. I love all of these things and don't want to give up doing them so I've been making time for them all but in doing so, I don't feel like I'm enjoying them as much because I don't have a lot of time to spend with each. I'm staying up later, and getting more tired during the days. And I still wish I had time for drawing, tuning my guitar, coming up with songs, doing more things with my friends and pursuing photography some more as well and maybe even acting! I keep waiting for a day where I'll actually have breathers, and its not happening. Not even on spring break. I just need rest, and time, and for it to slow down because at 18 I already feel old. And I'm so young. And the days are already passing by so quick, and I want to enjoy them.

Oh, how I go off on rants when it comes to the discussion of Time.
-Listen to The Boy Who Trapped the Sun by Copper Down-


  1. I adore your time rants!! I feel quite the same way, specially this week. I'm sooo looking forward to next week with spring break and all.
    have I even mentioned that you leave the bestest cmments? cos like. you don't just pick one subject from a post and comment on that. you comment on all of it. and i LOVE that. ^_^
    I like your lists, specially the Psalms part. I miss hugs too. <3

    you know, i'd love to make you something to hang up on your, yeah, lemme know what you think about that. :D

  2. Ugh! I can relate to the time lack. :D Stinks. :(

    Liked this post a lot, Soph.


  3. I'm glad you put Chocolate-chip Mint ice cream at the top of your deserves it! =P
    Psalms..yes, though when I read them growing up I thought they were too much alike, but now I can see (and appreciate)the differences in them.
    Are you serious?! I was just thinking about the stars last night!
    And how lovely they were.. * * * *
    Pumpkin Spice lattes; this might sound funny, but I miss YOU talking about them! ;D All through fall I just got used to expecting the phrase to pop up in your posts, then of course, one day it stopped, but hey! They'll be back before we know it!
    I like your rants on sound like me! =D And your blog name is awesome for that reason.

    xx ~Jenny

  4. I did childhood photographs and disney world all the time!
    and omg...time...yes time. I miss is too!

    I liked those photos! You should try to pick photography back up ;)
    have a wonderful weekend, lady!

  5. i liked those pictures.......they are just awsum...
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  6. Looking at childhood photographs is certainly a nice thing to do!
    I like your last paragraph about the lack of time and I can relate to it. I'm amazed that you do so many things at your young age and feel that time is insufficient. When I was at your age, I misspent a lot of time and now I wish I could have back all those wasted time :)
    It is also nice to learn more about you and things you're doing. Have a nice week, Sophie!

  7. I totally get the time thing too. I've had periods in my life where it was intensely busy, but even looking back at those times, I don't think I was as busy as most people are. I feel that right now in my life I am the busiest I have ever been, and that things won't slow down until we finish moving. When that happens, I will have time for art. I will have time for drawing and writing and recreational reading (not textbooks!). I think its important to find peace in life though. Even if you love all the things you do, there's a whole lot to be said for quietness and peace moments in life.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! I've missed your blog since I've been so busy this week :/