Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So, its a late night and you have a snuffy nose and you just watched Titanic for the first time through.
 You've built a cave like structure by putting sheets around your bed and you are listening to Thistles and Weeds by Mumford and Sons and your mind is going twenty miles a minute.
I feel like the brain works most brilliantly when the late hours of the night meet in secret with the early hours of the morning.
So, want to venture through my thoughts with me?
Well, I was thinking about how lives can change in a day. How lives can be born in a day, and lives can be taken away in a day. And lives can change in a day. I was thinking of what Jack said to Rose about how one night he was sleeping under a bridge and the next day, he was on the Titanic. But not just that, but I also thought about how Rose's life changed in a day. She was thinking of jumping. Off the boat. Because her life was all set for her and a dull re-do over and over and she never could really be herself. She had to box herself up. Until Jack came along and let her be her. Do you see that? Jack never changed or created Rose into a different person. She always had that person in her. He just let her be herself and loved her for that. And because of that, her life changed in a day and she had the courage to be the self she was.
I think our lives can change in a day. It won't always. But I do think it's crazy how you could be walking through life when Bam. One day it all changes. Sometimes its for the good, sometimes for the bad. But your life will and can change in one day. And it will make its presence noticed. I believe in fate too. I think you can be at grocery store, or coffee shop, or College course, or on a big huge gigantic boat and you can run into a the love of your life in an unexpected place and connect in an unexpected way and I think that can change a lot of things too. Maybe he was your waiter and accidently spilled coffee on you and you somehow laughed about it and struck up conversation. Maybe it'll be the produce aisle where you both reach for the exact same fruit and become embarassed and apologize repeatedly and sink into that Moment . Maybe you'll one day be doing homework outside after your college class and someone will come up and sit next to you and inquire about your work and what you are studying and if they could help you. Or maybe it'll be on a ship where one is contemplating jumping off and the other convinces you to stay.
I think it can happen.
But that's probably that 99% of the Dreamer in me speaking overriding the 1% Realist.
What do you think?
Oh, and I also think we can do something about our lives changing too.
But we can't sit still and hope for that.
We got to be doing. We got to be living. We can't be waiting until we're ready.


  1. I totally believe that someone's life can change drastically in a day.
    I love reading your words. They encourage and inspire me. I don't want to wait around or to begin my goals, orp think I'm not ready to start something new.
    thank you for sharing that wuote. here's to stepping out even if i dont feel ready and learning not to waste any time, for time is precious.



  2. Oh my, sorry for the typos. :/ ^^

  3. Nice and inspiring, Sophie! There was a day when I found out about blogging and started to blog, and it gave a bit of change in my life as I got a place to spill my thoughts and emotions and I find lovely blogging friends whom I've never met but connect through energy of words :)
    I like how you ended the post saying that we just can't sit still and hope for changes to take place. True, sometimes change comes like a miracle but not always, we have to move.

  4. *totally* agree here. Even though those thoughts about fate seem like they are 99% dreaming, I actually think they are very realistic. I don't meet too many couples who had an ordinary first meeting, ya know? Like my great aunt. She was telling me how she met my great uncle one day when she was visiting a friend. Her friends' mother said there was someone she wanted to meet, and when she went into the next room, he was sitting there on a chair covered in dirt and mud because he had been working in the fields all day. Well, my aunt was convinced she wouldn't go out with him if he were the last man on earth. The next time she saw him he was clean and spiffy and she accepted his invitation to go out. Now they laugh about it because she was sure she would never go out with him. That doesn't seem so ordinary, I think. And I want a story like that too, like Jack's & Rose's (except less tragic :P) and like every other great story out there. I want it to be unusual and unexpected and I think thinkers and dreamers like us are the ones who can actually find those things.

    Like you said, we can't just dream. We have to move, we have to work. And I think if we are always hoping for something perfectly magical, we'll get it. It may not seem perfectly magical or fairy tale-ish when we get it, but I think years from now we'll look back and see those sweet, perfect details that God worked out, ya know? Just like we can do now with our childhoods and years past.

    Anyway... this turned into a much longer comment than I anticipated. Haha! Have a good day Soph :)

    1. Aw! I love this. I love that story, and i love your thoughts on it. And I looove long comments, so thank you (: <3 have a wonderful day too!

  5. Beautifully written! I don't actually believe in "fate", unless what you mean by fate is that the Lord has certain things planned out for your life and promises that He will fulfill, ya know? Cos I dig that ;)
    And its crazy how life can change to suddenly..

    " We got to be doing. We got to be living. We can't be waiting until we're ready."
    ^ soo true. love it! ^

    1. Yes, thats what I mean about fate. I guess what im trying to say is fate by the means that we aren't expecting it. That it seeeems totally random, but its not. Its how God ordained it to be. Does that make sense? Not that it is random, or by chance, because its not, its been perfectly planned by our perfect creator, just that its something that takes you off guard because yoouuu didn't see it coming or thought it was going to happen in the way it happens.

      I hope that cleared up a bit what i was trying to say:)

    2. hehe, yes it did, thanks! <3 You're awesome, btw!! ;)

    3. I was sorta wondering the same thing! Just what flavor of fate you meant. =D

  6. My thoughts exactly! I was just thinking that there really are no coincidences in life. Life is so unexpected and it's so cool to know that we don't know what's coming next. And I love that quote. It's really beautiful!!

  7. I've missed your blog *so* much since I've hardly had any time for blog surfing lately.

    It's like you read my mind. I had one of those days recently that I believe may have changed everything for the better. :)

    And now I want to watch Titanic tonight, haha!

  8. Oh, and this post is amazing!!!
    It was fun going through your thoughts,
    I think quirky things like that can happen.(and do!) =)
    You got it so right at the end; You can't just sit around waiting to graduate or make a friend,or become patient, you have to DO somethine about it. Love is like that too, it's a decision, not a feeling, when Jesus was up on the cross, he wasn't up there with mushy feelings about us; it was a conscious decision
    to love us.
    It's pretty amazing.

    You're such a good blogger! <3

    xx ~Jenny