Wednesday, March 20, 2013


- It was unexpected that a guy was standing at the door with bright neon pink glasses holding the door open for everyone at school and calling them darlings when they thanked him.

- It was unexpected to see someone in a green top hat for the fun of it.

- It was unexpected that a guy would walk by me whistling: "I Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis Presley.

- It was unexpected that I would play "Go Fish" in my Speech Class as a class activity.

- It was unexpected to be able to get to go to an Owl City concert in April for free.

- It was unexpected to get the chance to ride a wave runner in April as well.

- It was unexpected to have a warm weather day when the forecast called for rains all day yesterday.

- It was unexpected that I found out about CRU, A Bible study program for Disney College students who meet once a week and main mission is to spread the Gospel. (An unanswered prayer it seems here, because that was one of my reasons why I might not do the DCP. Because I wouldn't have a church to meet with and I didn't know if my roommates would have the same morals as me so i was hoping for a sign or something to come up because I really want to do the DCP but I wanted to make sure it was something God had in store for me too and could use me in. I wanted it to not just be something I planned for myself.)

- It was unexpected to get pie lastWednesday.

- This week was unexpected. It's events. The happy mood I am in. The sudden passion and desire and appreciation for life. The way I'm actually greeting people or smiling at people or joining in conversations more.. It's just all unexpected. And I like it. And the world is full of you-never-knows- and possibilities but you got let yourself find them and not shy away from the world. It's been unexpected and now I'm expectating unexpectancy. And being happy about the roads up ahead that I can't see.






Magic. Magic. Magic.
Unexpected Magic is My Life.


  1. this made me so inexplicably happy for some reason. thank you :)

  2. I love unexpectedness... provided it's not something too far out of my comfort zone. lol. :D

  3. Awww yay! I am SO excited for you and the Disney program, that is so great that God may be providing a healthy way for you to go :) I wish you the best of luck and I really really hope that works out.

    Unexpected things are so great, especially God sends them :) I hope you have a fabulous day missy!!! <3

  4. I so love unexpectedness:) Wait, did you say Owl City concert for free?! Where can I sign up? :P
    Man this was a great post Sophie!

  5. THat first one was darling! <3 I love finding a gentleman!

  6. ^_^ I'm so happy for you and all these wonderful unexpected things!
    Love you, kiddo!

  7. Oh, this is good Soph! Seriously good!

    That answered unspoken prayer about the CRU thing is totally awesome! I'm so happy for ya'!
    Your last unexpected item in tha' list...I seem to be doing that too!


  8. unexpected surprises are the absolute greatest! glad things seem to be going well for you :)