Monday, March 18, 2013


I don't really believe in luck.
But I still use the term lucky every now and then.
Because sometimes I feel lucky.

Ironically, yesterday, was a day of "luck." It was Saint Patrick's Day and I don't believe it could have been a better day. In fact the whole weekend was pretty dapper. I'll list you reasons why I had a good weekend and then I'll list you reasons why I'm "lucky" so to speak.

Reasons Why It Was a Good Weekend
1. On Friday, my friend Heidi came over and we ate Phish Food Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and had a movie marathon. We watched Aquamarine, The Dark Knight Rises, and the Uninvited. Have you guys seen those? Whats your opinions on them? I think Aquamarine is a cute movie. Yeah, it's definitely 100% cheesy and teenagery and thats when I first saw it, but sometimes those are just fun. The Dark Knight Rises was a bit of a let down after all its talk in my opinion. I think a lot of it was overdone and overdramatic and predictable. However, Catwoman and Robin were pretty awesome. Lastly, the Uninvited is a bit creepy and scary but it has a good plot and story twist which is why I like that one. Okay, done movie reviewing now.
2. Thornton's Coffee on Friday as well, and meowing to the Les Mis soundtrack... yeah.
3. Saturday, I saw my dance studio's production of Alice and Wonderland (which was phenomenal) and then I went to Tropical Smoothie for dinner.
4. Sunday, I went to church. I ate Lucky Charms for breakfast. I saw three people I know from different places at the grocery store. I watched Luck of the Irish with my sisters. (If you've never seen this movie, you are way missing out. Also, if you never saw it as a kid, that's very sad.) I went for a run.  I ate a yummy meal of Rye bread, Corned beef and Sweet Potatoes. I climbed a roof with my bestie Erin, and threw glitter off of it and made wishes. We also found and named a Stick, put stickers on a certain person's car window, and made a time capsule. We were rebels. Totally. It was one of thee best Saint Patty's Day ever.

(Your welcome for the bonus picture.)
Reason Why I'm Lucky
1. I've been searching for dark chocolate covered expresso beans which I had in North Carolina once, but couldn't find em anywhere. Yet, yesterday, On St.Patty's Day I accidently came across them next to the Dried Fruit section!!! Who would have thought!? Needless to say, I'm addicted.
2. When I was 4 I won a raffle ticket at a fair and got one of those remote control Monster Trucks. It was pretty epic.
3. When I was 12, I went to a Kid's Appreciation Day event and I also won a raffle out of a large number of people and was able to take home a bag full of books, movies, and games. It was crazy.
4. Even though I injured my ankle and it was deeply bruised and purple three nights before my dance recital last year, I was still able to dance on it during the show.
5. I scored two goals on the night that determined whether or not our soccer team would make it to the final Championship game.
6. I got back signed autographed photos of Johnny Depp and Elijah Wood a few years back, and I also got a letter back from Louis Sachar (the author of "Holes") when I was younger. I still have it today.
7. I wrote on Chehon Wespi-Tschopp's (for those of you who watch So You Think You Can Dance; He was the winner) facebook fan page wall once and he actually wrote back and said hi! He also wished me a Merry Christmas because it was around that time. I looked on his wall and a looot of people had written on it and didn't get replies. Some people did, but not all of them. So I don't know how I got to be one of the lucky few.
8. Big Mike from American Idol happened to be an inlaw of someone I had a class with at SPC and around Christmas time, she came to watch me dance and I guess she invited her whole family (including the inlaws) so Big Mike came to watch me dance. And he said Hi to me afterwords too. haha.

(I hope you get this reference, please say you do.)

Also, a friend of mine knows how to Irish dance.
 She performs in competitions and such.
 She taught me how to do a dance step once.
So that's pretty neat.
I guess those are all my "lucky" moments.
Though, I know it's not luck.
 I'm extremely blessed and happy and thankful for all of these things and that God chose to give me these special "lucky" moments that make good stories.
It's been a great weekend and I feel extremely blessed.
It was even lucky that me and Erin were allowed to go on the roof and post stick it note messages up there.
I mean who knew we'd be allowed?
 It's crazy.
Life is full of surprises and these are so minor, but they are so wonderful none the less.
So, I'm counting my blessings.
And I'm ever so thankful.
How bout you?


  1. oh my goodness I love lucky charms for breakfast! and this post was pretty awesome to look at!

  2. Sounds like an ideal weekend to me :) It does make me really happy to see an individual like you take joy in the little things. The appreciation you show is something I'm going to take part in too!
    And Aquamarine is rather silly, but quite cute. Something about it has landed itself in my list of favourite chick flicks! Wish I could watch it all over xx

    Much love, Rachel <3

  3. First off, The Dark Knight Rises is one of my faves, batman was a letdown {i lub C.B. but batman just sucks} and Joseph Levitt is going to be a seriously awesome Robin! :D
    2ndly, I got that reference. ^_^ also, lady bugs are cute but smell *so* gross. lolz.
    I LOVE that glitter picture, and the fingers crossed picture too. I actually had my hand done in wax once and I decided to cross my fingers for it, everyone was like "do the rock on sign!" and I was like "eeh, laame", and then they all thought I was weird fro crossing my fingers. pshh. it was awesome. hehe.
    3rdly. AHHH!!! autographs from Johnny and Elijah?! YOU LUCKY DUCK!!!!!! ^___^
    Just so cool.
    I love this post! xD

  4. Haha yes. :) The roof was awesome!! And that picture of the Nsync Nigels made me laugh. :D I love this post. :) I still have to watch that Dancey Dance video you posted on my wall! I have to see Elijah in his un-Hobitt ways. lol

  5. I personally loved Dark Knight Rises! But everyone has their opinion.;)
    Luck of the Irish! I forgot about that movie. Good times...
    Sounds like a great St. Patricks Day. Glad you had a great day!

  6. Inspiring photos! Would you like to follow each other via GFC, bloglovin' and facebook?

    Evi xoxo

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