Monday, March 11, 2013

Adios Spring Break!

Well, alas, Spring Break has come and gone.
Like all things do.
It turned out to me a pretty nice spring break though and the weather actually started feeling spring-like here. :) It was stuck in the 70's with the sun out and breeze here and there. On Friday I went and got allergy shots(not the funnest part of the week), I finished up my Government 100 Question Take-Home exam, and then went on an impromptu walk in the park with my friend Heidi. We saw a rattlesnake sprawl across the path to and we nearly died. (Just kidding.) In the evening, we went down to Clearwater Beach and ate at the Coffee Culture Cafe and Eatery. It was a cute little place. I'll admit that if you are looking for lunch or dinner, it doesn't have the best food for those meals. The coffee was decent, but it was warm and just what was needed for a walk on the windy beach in the evening afterwords. The muffins we took home for the next morning, were SUPERB though. So, i highly suggest their muffins. When walking along the beach, we also encountered street performers. there was a guy who got out of a straightjacket and chains in under 3 minutes which was pretty impressive and entertaining to watch. We also ran into "Captain jack Sparrow". It was pretty epic. We took pictures but since it was dark, it didn't turn out extremely well.
Saturday, I had a relaxing morning. Then in the afternoon I went over to the Church to help my friend David with his Eagle Scout project which entitled tearing down a shed in order to rebuild a nicer and new one. So, I had fun demolitioning a shed and hammering to break apart beams and boards and such. After we got it torn down, we also played a game of Knock Out with everyone there who helped. Then my sister and I went for a bike ride to enjoy the nice weather and after that we went to Walmart to pick up a few errands. Walmart is always entertaining simply because you never know what kind of people you might run into. After that, we came home and watched Wreck It Ralph which was a cute, but not my favorite, Disney movie.
Sunday, I had church, came home and watched Bunheads and ate Taco Bell. Spent a lot of the afternoon doing basically nothing. Then, a group of friends went to the beach to see a "comet" (it didn't really exist :P ) and I frolicked with Erin from as she demonstrated SpongeBob moves and we conversed about the beauty of Eddie Redymane. After the beach, we also went to McDonalds and lastly back to our church where we had a bonfire that definitely ended Spring Break in a kind and gentle way.

It's been a good Spring Break and I'm sad to see it go!
Adios, Spring Break.
Until we meet again...
Next year.

--Side story: So, I follow a bunch of Disney Cast Member/ College Program Tumblrs (Because I want to learn as much as I can since that's my dream for the future, or at least one of them.) And I guess a cast member witnessed Mickey Mouse go up to where a blind boy was sitting and he let the little boy feel his face. I think that's one of the sweetest things ever. I mean can you imagine the kid thinking about how he'd never really get to see Mickey. And he sort of got to in a way. And it was totally Mickey's idea too. The boy wasn't expecting it. And the parents were crying. And its making magic like that that seems so appealing to me.--


  1. Sounds great - and Jack Sparrow is awesome :D

  2. As soon as I saw that last picture, I did a little freak out thing and said {out loud} "aah! owl city shirt!"..hehe, yup. ;D Thats one of my favorite songs of his ever. ^_^

    I'm glad you had a good spring break! those Jack Sparrow pix were great, I met a Jack Sparrow in Hollywood a few years ago, he was even drunk. O.o ;)
    That bit about Mickey Mouse, yeah, thats precious. <3

    i understand your mom's rules on the address thing, so no worries. :)))

  3. Wow, that thing about Mickey is really awesome. Crazy awesome! :D And the beach was super fun. By the way, I totally wrote you a letter about Eddie Redmayne's birth and such. So expect to be wowed by more Redmayne on Wednesday hahaha

  4. Aww I loved that story about Mickey. That is awesome, I bet Walt would have been proud :D

    It looks like you had a GREAT spring break! Totally random about Jack Sparrow, hahaha! Once at school a few years ago I was sitting in class and randomly Gumby appeared in the window of the door! Hahaha it was hilarious, I just thought of it cause it was all random too.