Tuesday, March 26, 2013


"your not lost at all, you know exactly what your doing."
"and what exactly am i doing"
"searching the world over, looking for nothing more than yourself. you have to trust, trust that life is going to come along side of where you are and help you out. stop worrying so much about tomorrow and live out all you can today. i think people have bought into some underlying though that you have to to have graduated high school by age 18, college by 22, then you have to be married by 25, then have your first kid by 29, your first house by 32, partner @ 40, et cetra, but i want to find out who made these social rules and break his knee caps. i think so many people rush to play by social rules that they neglect the fact that you can make your own rules!"
-- excerpt from "The Orphaned Anythings"
Maybe the lack of punctuation is driving you crazy. I know that typing this excerpt out took a lot of self control in trying not to fix the errors. But I kinda like it. It's different. But thats not the reason why I shared this. I shared this because I never had thought of that before but it's so true. Even now, at 18, I feel pressured to find a guy and to get my AA done as soon as I can. And why? There's no rush. There's no rush in living. I think he's right. Life will come along side wherever you are, so don't rush it. Don't try to live so hard that you aren't living. Don't worry about it. Just live it and enjoy it and take your time and don't freak out if you haven't done X, Y, Z number of things before you reach a certain age. Who cares that I don't drive or have had a job yet even though I'm 18? The time will come some day. It doesn't need to be now. Just take life day by day and with a smile.
Because honestly, when you got a smile on your face, anything can happen that day. 
Chin Up, Butter Cup.
Anything can happen today.
It's full of possibilities.
Don't you agree?
You know,
Peter Pan was quite smart for being so young.

It is, Peter Pan. It is.


  1. wwwwwooooww, lovely, beautifully written...i totally agree..!!!

  2. I likey!
    And you're right, Peter Pan WAS a smart little fellow! I still can't believe he had all his baby teeth..I always picture him around 10, but the fact that he was probably more like 5, is just weird. And awesome. :)

  3. I've always loved that Peter Pan quote. (At first, just because I loved the way Jeremy Sumpter said it, but then I learned to appreciate it more.)

  4. Gee I'm grammar nazi a little bit but the quote is so right. I've been a little stressed lately about college, yada yada yada, but, I really need to slow down and "smell the roses" I suppose:) God's been helping me through it a lot!

  5. You don't drive either?! Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't. :) that's a good quote, ( well actually both are) though I did have the urge to press the shift key and capitilize those "I" 's : D
    Ah yes; I am not a rule follower, I tend to obey the spirit of the law more than the letter. ;)
    Good post.