Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Céad Míle Fáilte

" A Hundred Thousand Welcomes. "
That's what Céad Míle Fáilte means.

 The suite we're staying in.

I remember these as a kid.
I wanted them so so so bad.
I mean, look at how big it is.
Look at the colors.

It's going to be our first dole whip experience. :)

I even love the monorails that give us the first view of the castle.

I love Main Street at night.

And of course the Castle.

One Month until all this.
I will give it a Hundred Thousand Welcomes.

"And as far as I can tell Lady and the Tramp are still together
and I guess that proves spaghetti kisses last forever
Here's my hand, do you trust me? It's a magic carpet ride...
We have to have you home by midnight"



  1. Oh how enchanting it all is! I would really love to go some day. The suite looks perfect and everything else like 10 times better. Gah, I wish I had a ticket to Disneyland.

    Have fun when you get there and let us know how it all goes xx

  2. *squeal*! :D That's gonna be so awesome!! I'm jealous. <3

  3. It seems amazing!And I loved the phrase...

  4. Ohmygosh!!! So cool! I would love to go to Disney World! We are going to Silver Dollar City tomorrow. I can't wait! I have been making food all morning! :-D I love amusement parks! Plus SDC has a brand new ride that opened last week. I tis gonna be the funnest ever!

    On a side note. I am doing a giveaway right now. You should check it out! <3

  5. the headboard on that bed is amazing!!

  6. so awesome!! i wish i could go to disney again, even though i'm a grown woman :) x

  7. ohhhh my goodness I remember going to this on october last yeaar!
    you will have a blast I am so excited for you!