Monday, March 4, 2013

Goodbye's Are Always Hard

If you want to talk about tiring, crazy, hectic (but, yes, also fun) weekends, come talk to me.
It was crazy to the C.
Friday, I did what I told you I was going to do. I went to the mall with Heidi and we had fun goofing around in weird clothing, actually buying a few items, sharing an Auntie Anne's pretzel, posing with a life size Justin Beiber in Dillards and then coming home to ice cream waffle sandwiches, fort making and the watching of Disney's Robin Hood. It was a fun filled day. :)

Saturday, I had a Master Class at the Dance Studio taught by Christina Chira ( a Rockette). Then after that I had a soccer game. This was our final playoffs. We had to beat the team we were playing in order to move on and get a chance at the last championship game and win the world cup. Well, we did it! We won. It was freezing and cold but we won. It was 4-1 and I scored the first and last goals. :D I seriously finally understood Harry Potter's excitement whenever he contributed in a big way to winning a Quidditch game. Especially one that mattered a whole lot. You feel very accomplished. After that game, our family went out to eat at a cute Greek resteraunt. :)

On Sunday, we had our CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! And........
*drumroll please*
It was exciting. But it was also sad, because I really enjoyed the team and the season and I'm going to miss it terribly. I've always loved soccer, and now I love it even more. Unfortunately, next year I'll be too old to play with this group. And so will a lot of us. :/ However, after the game we all went out to eat at Beef O Brady's and we had a good time.

I know, I make weird faces when playing. :) haha. But I hope you enjoyed my journey through the weekend. It was a great weekend, and my muscles are sore, and my legs bruised, but I wouldn't have traded it for anything.
I'm sad to end this season/ this journey, but I'm also happy that I'm sad it's ending. Because if it wasn't good and I didn't have an awesome time, then I wouldn't have something to miss.
So I'm glad I have something worth missing.
And although this door is closing, I know a new one will open.
It always does.
And that will be a very big adventure to look forward to.
Goodbye's are always hard.
And change is always strange.
But you keep going.
The future is so scary and big and adventurous and exciting,
And all you can do is live your life in the meantime.
The future will catch up to the present sooner than you know.
Dream Big, my friends.
Dream Big.


  1. Congrats for winning! :)
    The photos look so cute and when I'm seeing you all dancing, I'm getting jealous ;)

  2. Yaaaayyy!!! I was wondering how the game went, glad to hear you beat em'!
    I love your outlook on life/change/goodbyes. <3

  3. This was cute! :D I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend. It looked super fun! And congrats on winning the soccer tourney. I don't know how y'all played through that cold; you have guts! :)

  4. Aww yay! Congrats, how exciting. I know what you mean about falling so in love with something in your life, and being sad when it ends. But yeah, life DOES go on and soon you won't be sad about it anymore. It's like that one quote, "Don't be sad that it's over, smile because it happened." or something. Haha. But it's a good one.

    Those waffles look so. good.

  5. Woah, such a serisouly good ending!
    I like what you said about how you're glad you're sad, because that means you really loved it! (You said it much better though! =P) It's so true; like how the friends you cry the most over when they move, are the ones you're closest too.
    The goof-off picture is awesome! =D Hope your kneecap did alright through all that?
    Robin Hood is awesome. (Especially as a fox!)

    Great post!