Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Spring is a lovely word isn't it? It just sort of rolls off your tongue. And spring also conveys images.
Like when I think of Spring, I think bright.
I think pastels.
I think mini cadbury eggs and speckled peanut butter M & M's.
 I think green grass.
I think beach waves where you get a splash of summer time feel.
I think Easter.
I think of sandals and dresses.
I think of hot cross sticky buns and Easter egg bread.
I think of the Cross.
I think of my Savior's love.
I think of Good Friday.
I think of Easter morning and breakfast of pancakes and bacon.
I think of how we used to have matching dresses as kids and I naturally didn't like them too much. (Dresses were too girly for me back in the day... lol )
 I think of the Easter Egg hunts inside our house.
I think of going to our adopted Uncle's house for Easter and that time I banged my leg on the corner of his sharp bench and how I still have a scar on my leg from that day.
I think of new life and new beginnings.
I think of Bambi.
I think of flowers.
I think of Spring Into Missions.
I think of our Church's World Cup Soccer.
 I think of St.Patricks Day and that time I put green in my hair.
I think of Lucky Charms.
I think of Luck of the Irish.
I think of pinching my sisters when they forgot to wear green.
I think Shamrock shakes.
 I think of the little traps I set out to catch the leprechauns as a kid.
I think of those delicious chocolate "gold" coins.
I think of me and my sister's birthdays and the joint birthday parties we used to have.
 The themed parties we used to have (Like Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, Veggie Tales, etc.)
I think of all the adventures, the memories, and the brightness and cheerfulness of these two months.
If there was ever a season to associate the word: color with, it would be Spring.
I love it. How about you? Any fond memories/ traditions/things to look forward to? I can certaintly say that I'm loving everyone's posts and talks about Spring. It's certaintly enough to make me happy and eager and anticipating.

(Last four photos taken by me...)

I just love Spring.
Spring is an inspiring season.
Of new life, and new hope.

Yesterday, I went for a walk on the beach and enjoyed God's creation.
I also enjoyed a Hazelnut Machiatto while walking.
Sometimes, it's the little things.
More often than not,
it's the little things.

Enjoy Spring,
Enjoy Life.


  1. spring is a lovely word. i love it because it has that fresh, renewed sense to it. a coming to life persay. the flowers the colors and the scents of spring- thats what i adore most. :)

  2. I love this post! It is so sweet and bright and happy! <3 We have only had a few beautiful days here in Missouri, but they have been amazing!!!! I am looking forward to many more. :-)

  3. Yay mini Cadbury Eggs! I love them. They love me. End of story. SPRING!!

  4. Gah, I love spring so much!!! And this post! And that bubble picture you took, super cool! ^_^

  5. I love this!!! Spring is so glorious and wonderful and I love it and I loved reading all of your memories and thoughts about it :) We used to do egg hunts in our house too. Every year we would save all of our empty plastic eggs and hide them and have massive egg hunts inside and it was so fun. And we all had to wear matching dresses too... it was horrible, haha!

    Spring brings all of these things to mind, as well as gardening, planting veggies and flowers and having a lightness of heart and enjoying the sun and birds and all those beautiful things.

    Thanks for your comment, even though it was cut short haha. I totally didn't mean to be offensive about Perks, I hope you didn't take it that way! I didn't care for a lot of the things in the movie, but thinking later after I wrote that post I think the word hate was too strong. I didn't like it that much, but there were some good lessons and quotes in it, like you said. Mostly what I didn't like was that it really glorified bad things. Our generation and the ones coming after us are expected to think these bad things are good. That rebelling, being promiscuous, homosexuality, drugs, etc. are expected to be accepted and good. I felt like the movie really played those things up and made those things seem good and alluring. I felt myself REALLY wanting to like the movie, but I thought about it and realized there was a lot wrong with it. And it makes me sad cause I know a lot of people in my generation and younger, teenagers and such, will really love the movie and probably try to be like the main characters. At the same time, there were a lot of good lessons to learn too. Like what a good friend is, good music is (haha), and that it's okay to be different and not be like everyone else (within moral boundaries...). And that you shouldn't hide away your feelings or hurts, but you should confront them and heal from them, like Charlie had to do eventually.

    Anyway. I could probably go on. But mostly I just wanted to share a little of what I thought about it and let you know that I totally didn't mean to sound judging or whatever because you liked some of it :) I hope I didn't come across that way! You are a lovely girl and I think you have really sound morals and beliefs and I admire that so much!

    I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!!!

  6. This post. <3333333

    I love spring. We're actually having springish weather here, it's been getting to the low 50s in the afternoon. It's perfect weather to go out and sit in the sun with a book and just soak in the warmth. Not too warm, not too cold. :D Unfortunately, since we live in the mountains, the probability of it actually staying spring without at least one more major snowstorm is.... small. So enjoy it now! Woooot!

    I think of the Cross.
    I think of my Savior's love.
    I think of Good Friday. <----- that. I loved that.

    And also, if you get the chance, you should watch The Rise of the Guardians. It's a great movie, it has a Christmassy feel... but then there's a bit in the middle, where they're doing Easter. And I loved it. So yeah. :D

    That last picture... wow. You took that?! Cooooooool

  7. I am so over winter!BRING ON SPRING!!!

  8. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3


  9. Spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    I feel just the same. =)
    I really like how you used different colors and fonts in this post, makes it so much fun to read!
    The pictures you picked are splendid as usual, yes, even those last four. (Especailly the Bubble Picture ♥, and the picture right above it cracked me up, and the picture of that; made me speechless ♥)
    And now I want to post springy pictures!
    Your bubblyness is infectious.

    `Jenny ♥