Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of

I think love is something I'll always constantly be trying to figure it out.
It's a fuzzy topic to me.
I know I sincerely thought I had been in love with some people at certain times in my life.
I believe you can love people without being in love with them.
Sadly, I think that's what has happened to me in the past.
I thought I was in love but I just loved them.

Loving people isn't bad, but I don't think it should be confused with being in love.

That's when heartache occurs most often; I believe.

But anyways.
I have thoughts and ideas about it.
I've seen people fall into love and some people fall out of love "so to speak".
But falling out of love confuses me.
When people fall out of love, it makes me wonder if they were ever truly IN love.
Or if they just loved each other.
Because I think part of falling in love with someone is realizing that there will be troubles and turmoil and arguments and rough patches and hanging in there through it all anyways because that's what love is.
Love doesn't give up.

So if love isn't giving up, how do you fall out of love?

How do you fall out of something that doesn't give up?

Love is the long haul and the trying again and again and the compromises and not just romantic words and easy paths and perfect relationships.
It's not.

At least that's not what I believe.

But my other puzzling thoughts and wonder is why we don't love certain people and why we love others.

Or, are at least attracted to others.

Because I don't think I've ever been in love.

But I have thought about why I don't love certain people in a romantic way even though there's absolutely nothing wrong with them.

I guess there are some things I think should happen in my book to make a relationship work.

I think one should be truly and equally passionate about what the other is passionate about.
If someone's life is built around a passion you don't certainly like, I think the person deserves someone who does have the same passion and can appreciate it and love it.

For me, I believe we have to have the same humor.
To get each other on a deeper level, to joke around and have fun, we have to have the same humor and to just understand each other.

We have to be able to compliment each other.
Not in the; "Oh you look pretty tonight" kind of way.
No, but more in the "Come to this party with me tonight and tomorrow we can stay in and watch movies" type of way.
Where we both get each other.
We have different personalities but we make compromises and we compliment each other.

I have to feel comfortable.
If I don't feel comfortable, then I don't see how a relationship would work.

We need to click.

Above all else, we need to have a relationship built on Christ.
I need you to love Christ more than me.
I need you to seek Him constantly and help me in my walk with Him as I will try to help you.
We need to point each other back to Christ.
But I need you to be the leader too.
I need you to lead me.

But really, I do believe in chemistry.
I believe in matching souls.
I believe in having a relationship that clicks.

I think that may be partially why I am single and waiting.
I am waiting for someone who's soul and humor and personality clicks with mine.
Who's standards are the same as mine.
Who loves God as much as me.

There are great Christian guys out there, there are.
But just because someone is a great Christian guy, it doesn't mean he's the one for you.
There is nothing wrong with having a great Godly guy friend.
I'm thankful to have some.

But that doesn't mean we click.
It doesn't mean we have chemistry.
Or same senses of humor.
It doesn't mean we're comfortable.
It doesn't mean we have similar passions.

So, I am waiting.
Because I believe there is someone out there who does.
I'm just waiting for the click.

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