Thursday, August 4, 2016

I'm keeping you in my prayers

I'm ready.

I'm ready for someone to take by my hand and take me by my heart also. I'm ready to not have my heart broken but know I always have someone on my side. I'm ready to share laughs, tears, hugs, food, and have breakfasts together out on the front porch sipping on coffee. I'm ready for a lifetime with someone by my side and to raise children together. I'm ready for the petty arguments because I know we'll get through them and make up and be okay. I'm ready for the better and for the worse. I know not all marriages end up in fairytales but I am ready to find the one my heart loves deeply and the one whom I'll trust though I rarely trust. I'm ready for the one who leads me to the Lord and walks in the footsteps of the Lord with me daily. One who encourages and builds and loves.
I'm ready.
But; maybe he's not ready yet...

But it's okay,
I will wait for you (my darling) as long as I must wait.
As long as God wants us to wait.

1 comment:

  1. This is so precious Sophie!! So beautifully worded and heartfelt.
    xoxo, em