Saturday, August 6, 2016

"And our story will grow old/ but you'll make dust from gold"

It's Fall.
The leaves have turned red and brown and bright orange.
The air smells crisp and my sweater hugs me.
Coffee is my second best friend and you are my first.
I see pumpkins in grocery stores and we listen to "Autumn Leaves" by Ed Sheeran because it is arguably the best Fall song there is.
I light my pumpkin candles at night and bask in the smell and comfort of our home.
Fall had always had some good memories through the years but it also had memories of people leaving me.
I thought it was interesting because in Fall the leaves fall off and leave too.
And they die. 
Sometimes in the past, my spirit died with Fall too.
Sometimes my heart felt colder when the air got colder too (though it's not often that it does in FL).
Fall can seem sad,
but overall I don't think Fall is sad.
I love so many things about Fall but there were times where I felt symbolic to what actually happens in Fall.

Now, Fall won't be too much longer away.
And my spirit is warmer just like how sweaters and boots and lit candles keep me warm.
And the colors in other states will be vibrant and that's how I hope to feel.
Vibrant with the joy of Christ.
Fall is just filled with so many things I love and I hope I feel it again.
Enjoying Life.
I felt it the last couple of years,
and I want this year to feel the same.
I don't want to feel like I have in the past.


And one day, in the future, I can see you enjoying Fall with me,
hand in hand,
and heart and heart,
and no heart break like I had in the past when Fall came along.

Just you and me,
my love,
and the crisp Fall air and us enjoying the season.

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