Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Christmasy August Day

I know Christmasy doesn't go really hand in hand with August...
But whatever.
Yesterday was a really good day and part of it seemed Christmasy to me.

The first part of the day was ministry day and honestly, I can't express how much I love this ministry. Sometimes people paint ministry to be something that it is burdensome and time consuming and not all that rewarding.
But I feel the complete opposite.
I mean, yes, it takes time and work but I love putting my time into it because it's not burdensome but rewarding.
The kids we minister to are just so great and their need for Christ is just so great and seeing Christ work through us is just so great.
I love it.
So, that part was hot and sweaty and tiring but fun and amazing and worth it.

The second part of the day included the ministry workers deciding to go to Dunkin Donuts to cool down and fuel up on iced coffee and that was just a really good time talking about what happened during our program but also just goofing off and fellowshipping. And, as I mentioned, coffee.

Then one of our friends stayed over a bit and we played games and she braided my hair and then we went to a coffeehouse type thing where we got more coffee and I sipped on a latte and sat with friends laughing and talking in a cool brick and cutely lighted and cozy building where this really talented and totally adorable couple named Shane and Emily played music.

They're seriously good though.
And seriously adorable.
You should listen to their music (can be found on Spotify or youtube or their website) and follow them on Instagram and if you want to be jealous you should look at their totally adorable ikea photoshoot here;

Last night they also played a tribute to the Beatles and I love the Beatles and it was perfect and also they do covers of my favorite songs even though they don't know they're my favorite songs. They just have good taste in music. And also their songs they write and make up are perfect and their voices are perfect and now I'm done ranting about them so you should just go and listen and see what I'm talking about for yourself.

But anyways, that coffee shop and the lights and the warm feeling inside felt like Christmas and Shane and Emily played a little bit of Christmas music too so it was a bit of a Christmasy August day.

And even though I'm a writer, I'm lacking words to describe that day well.

Anyways, the first two pictures are from pinterest (yay pinterest!) and the last one is from the wonderful internet.

So, yay Christmas ( who's ready? I am! )
 yay cute coffee shops!
yay cute couples who are also extremely talented musicians!

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