Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Let's talk about personality types, shall we?

I've seen a lot of posts on pinterest with quotes or things that go with certain personality types and it kind of inspired this post.

You see, I found out awhile ago that I am an INFJ personality type.

Now, not everything that is written or geared towards INFJ's fit me to a T but most of it does.

As an INFJ, we're often a misunderstood type so I kinda thought that maybe I should share some things about my personality not only to enlighten some, but maybe encourage others who feel the same way, and lastly, to encourage you to take this Myer's Briggs personality test if you don't know what type you are and see if it fits you well too.

Alrighty, let's dive into my life.

So, first of all, I want to say that I do believe I am an extroverted introvert.

I can be very loud, chatty, hyper, and outgoing when I am a. with the right people and b. (this kinda goes with the first one but it can sometimes be different) I feel comfortable or c. I just feel that way randomly.

But, if I am in a situation where I don't feel comfortable and maybe I feel new or feel like people don't like me or are judging me, I can gear more to my introverted and quiet side. I want to adjust to the new place or I want to get away from the situation if I feel uncomfortable.

But sometimes, I really like getting to know new people. I do like people. That is something about me. But it may be too overwhelming if I am meeting a bunch of new people at once. Other side notes, if I am with someone I am comfortable with when I am meeting new people ( no matter how large the group is), I will probably be totally okay.

There are days where I might feel social anxiety and just want to stay inside but there are also days where I will be totally bored out of my mind and crave social interaction of any kind.

I like staying in and eating pizza and watching tv shows/ playing games but I also like going outdoors and seeking out adventures of all sorts.

I don't know if this is an INFJ thing or a me thing but I have many things that I love and the things I love I am VERY passionate about but it can be frustrating because I can't do all of them at once and I don't know which thing to go after.

I think some people may consider this a bad thing and it may be off putting to readers but I do "judge" people so to speak when I meet them. But I would like to consider it more as "reading" them. Because what I do is basically read their personality and try to figure them out. I have been wrong before, but this is why I don't really like to use the word "judge". Because I never treat the people I've been wrong about badly or dislike them, I just find out later I am wrong. Basically, I am assessing whether I can be myself around them or not. I am assessing whether I feel comfortable being weird or goofy or whether they like me or not. If I feel like they don't like me or they aren't the type I can get to know on a deeper level, I do hold back and I don't let them have access to my whole self because I am guarded to some degree. I don't trust everybody. But I love it when people prove me wrong because I love getting to know people and connecting with them and going deeper. If I can't "read" someone, it does make me feel uncomfortable and I am usually more quiet with them.

Sometimes, I do listen more than talk because I feel like listening is more important sometimes (depending on the situation) or if I don't have something worth sharing, then I don't need to talk just to talk.

However, as I've said before, I can totally let loose and have fun and be loud and crazy. Or if I find one area or subject that someone connects with me upon, then I can talk to them for hours.

It's all about balance with me.
If someone sees one side of me,
I think they get me wrong.

That's where I think INFJ's are often misunderstood.

Also, there's usually a lot of thoughts roaming around in our heads at once.

But I love writing because that's where I get to organize and let them all out.
That's where I can be deep and honest and people either listen or they don't.
They don't have to and they can disagree or judge me for what I write but I am not there to see it.
Writing doesn't make me feel insecure, but some people do.

I like people to show me how to do things rather than me just figuring them out because I get stressed out thinking that I might not be able to do them.

However, if no one does and no one in a group claims leadership, I actually don't mind taking leadership because I do like to get things done and do them right.

I am slightly messy but it's an organized mess.

I can get taken advantaged of sometimes because I am always there for people and I like to help people and some people see this as a weakness but I don't. If someone crosses the line, I tell them. But, if I can help someone even if they are using me, I think that can make a difference anyways in their life.

I like to help people and sometimes that can destroy me because I know I can't help everyone and they have to try to help their selves first.

I am a peacemaker so to speak. I hate conflict. A lot.

I try to make people happy and try to make people laugh.

I stand really strong for the things I believe in and I will speak up about those things.

I hate to fail although it's necessary and happens to everyone.

I am hard on myself when that happens.

I am a hard worker and I am creative.

I am a realist and a dreamer.

I saw a quote about INFJ's once saying that they are a "walking contradiction" and I kinda believe that's true.

We're complicated human beings and I think that's what is hard for us.

But, if you aren't an INFJ, I hope this helped you understand us a bit.

I don't know if it did or not,
but I sure hope so.

That's me in a nutshell, although I could go on.

Once you're my friend, you can be my friend for life but you have to show some effort that you want to be.

If you do that, you will get to know me better and better along the way of our friendship.

You will keep unlocking layers as you go.

Do you know your personality type?
If so, comment below and feel free to share some of your personality traits!


  1. This post was awesome. I'm also an INFJ, and a lot of the things you wrote resonated -- the too many thoughts roaming about, not knowing which passion to pursue first, the opening up slowly/layers thing. :) Those Meyers Briggs quizzes are pretty spot on! :D

  2. Love this!! I'm really big on personality types, and I make all my friends take the Meyers Briggs test, because I believe it helps you understand people better. I'm an ISFJ, but both my Mom and sister are INFJ's, so I definitely know a lot about that personality type too!