Sunday, June 7, 2015

We came all this way//but now is the day// to bid you farewell

I bid you all a very fond farewell


So, as I mentioned before.
My college closed down.
I leave very many memories in that place and in my heart.

I know a new adventure awaits me though.
You can refuse change,
but there's no use to that really.

So, I'm accepting that a new chapter awaits me and saying goodbye to the old one.

You know how usually when something drastic happens, like a breakup or just something big,
people will get a new hair cut or hair style or hair color or whatever.

Well, I've never done that before.

But my friend pointed out the fact that it is Summer,
A time for something crazy and adventurous.
And so we tried to dye the ends of hair with koolaid since it'd be temporary and not long lasting.
And what do you know,
it worked.

So, I embraced change with change.

I didn't really think about it that way until after I did it... but hey.

I want to wish CCC a proper goodbye though.
So, I grabbed some pictures, some good quality and memorable ones and some that are just kinda ridiculous and not even good quality pictures but that are still memorable to me.
I want to look back at this post someday and be reminded of this place that stole my heart and was a second home to me for a year.
The friendships that like seeds grew into flowers.

Small things that changed my life in ways I don't even fully understand yet.

From SPC to CCC, it was a huge difference and I loved it.
But I guess like Bilbo said; "I think I am quite ready for another adventure."
It's sad to leave, but finding another college, well who knows what it has in store for me.
Who knows what friendships I'll make,
who knows what growth it has for me.

But now, I'll give you my fond farewell CCC.
Thanks for the memories. <3
I'll always love you.

From late night walks, christmas parties, chikfila free coffee, rainy days, library study sessions, dunkin donuts runs/hw dates, birthday surprise dinners, railroad track adventures, unit dance parties, unit pool days,gazebo picnics, class outings, drama club skits, drama club serving, beach days, mall scavenger hunts, brushing of curly hair, convocation, safety harbor festivals, city light views, early morning sunrises, starbucks runs, robert's christmas world fun, harvest festivals, goodbye parties, oxford exchange trips, checkers late night runs, pumpkin photo shoots, and many many many more. I could spend the whole night writing a novel of my times and adventures but I've documented a lot of them already through the months here on my blog. I know because I revisited those old posts earlier today being reminded of some of my unphotographed memories and adventures.

You've certainly been a grand adventure CCC,
and I have so much more to say,
but I don't know what else to say.

Goodbye. <3

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