Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Oh, Mr. Cat T-shirted Christmas Sweater Wearing Music Junkie Indie Looking Mister Sir

 I remember you, and the girlish childish crush I had on you.
You showed off in roller skates and looked back at me and I felt blood running to my cheeks.
You tried to include me in games and I scored a touch down in football- you couldn't catch me.
You corrected my Beatles miss-written song lyrics in my status.
You complimented my jacket that one time.
I beamed from ear to ear.
I remember running into you at the music store and I was freaking out.
Then, I didn't see you.
I got over my crush.
And we didn't talk.
But then I saw you working in Publix a year or two ago.
No longer a fourteen/fifteen year old but an eighteen/nineteen year old.
Grown and different,
with my hair in a braid.
And we talked a little.
But I didn't think much of it.
But today, I'm wondering about you.
It seems like you are still a music junkie.
You still got that boyish face and big grin.
You seem like a little Indie kid, but not a kid, an adult.
It's funny because I don't know you anymore.
But you don't seem to have strayed far from who you once were.
At least you don't look like you have.
And me.
I don't know if I am who I thought I would be.
I think I'm more than I thought I would be.
And, not in a bragging sense.
It's just I guess I really had no idea where I'd be in life.
I didn't have much of an idea or direction.
And I didn't really give my talents credit.
I think I just floated as a mere teen concentrating on finishing school
and as the typical fourteen/fifteen year old I was, I concentrated on surviving crushes.
It was really a ridiculous crush.
I didn't even know you that well.
I still don't even know you that well.
But somebody remembered me crushing on you, and that made me remember you.
I hope you're doing well,
 just like I wish that for whoever I recall from my past.
I guess I feel endeared to people I once knew.
Even if things ended rocky, or they ended on good terms.
Every interaction helped built me.
And I hope you're doing well.

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  1. Oh how I love this! So sweet and sentimental, and super well written. #props