Tuesday, June 2, 2015

And what a flammable heart I've been given...

Remember what I said in my last post? Well I'm still measuring those rain drops. It basicalled rained a lot today. But that's okay- I enjoyed it once again. I enjoyed it while I gazed upon it from inside of starbucks drinking a cup of joe while catching up for 2 and a half hours with an old friend and mending broken fences and patching up old wounds from the days of our youth while explaining how our new adult lives have been and discussing our hopes and dreams of the future. I enjoyed it while I heard it tapping on the roof right before I fell asleep curled up in my blankets. I enjoyed it when I awoke and plugged in my colored lights around my bed and listened to my Spring Awakening mix made by a beautiful friend of mine. I've had a good day. And I'm thankful for my life. And I'm thankful for growth. I'm thankful that we can learn from our youth. I am thankful.

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