Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Day We Met

It was nearing on six o' clock. The air port was packed. I was excited for a couple of reasons. 1. I was waiting for my out of state friend to arrive and 2. There was a bookstore for me to casually browse while awaited her arrival. I walked through the crowded air port and entered the book store. I casually browsed starting from the left side of the store and planning to make my way to the right. I scanned through some books in the Autobiography section and a couple from the Fiction section but then I reached a section I happily lingered upon. It was the Classics. I scanned from top to bottom. I picked up the books I hadn't read yet and read their back covers, making mental notes of ones I had to read. I admired the ones I had read and loved. And then, I noticed you. You were right behind be. I awkwardly took a step back, noticing I was in the way and blocking the entire section. I read a back cover of a book when I saw you grab something from the top shelf. What was it that you reached for? The top shelf had some of my favorites on it. Was it The Great Gatsby? Pride and Prejudice? Little Women? I had to know. This could be my soul mate here. He grabbed the book without even reading the back. This wasn't a mere buy because he didn't know anything about it and was interested. This had to be because it was one of his favorites and he probably realized an opportunity to finally buy this book and grabbed it. As he moved pass the Classic section and towards the left, I put down the book I was mildly interested and tried to see the book's cover. Unfortunately, his book was tucked tightly underneath his arm and hidden from my view. So instead I briefly took in his appearance. He was tall, with short brown hair, skinny jeans and black boots. He wasn't my type and we weren't going to be soul mates. But sometimes I have what if moments and that was one of them. And regardless, I still wanted to know what book he picked. But alas, i had made my way to the right side of the room and browsed all the books. And so, I walked out the store with not so much as a glance behind me as I left.

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