Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weeks Upon Weeks of April

Let's keep April going, please.
I have liked April a lot.
I have liked this weekend a lot.
This past weekend I went to downtown disney for the first time.
It was a blast.
From the car ride,
to the shops,
to the free birthday cupcake,
 to the ghiradelli shake,
to the disney art, to the disney music,
 to the disney statues,
to the car ride back,
to watching the third Hobbit, to "The Last Goodbye".
It was wonderful.
This week has been pretty grand too.
Not a whole lot of stuffes, but just enough stuffes.
Like rain, and starbucks, and cleaning, and soccer, and injuries, and dance parties, and pie nights, and coffee, and papers,

So, April, you're ending soon.
I wish you all, a very fond, farewell.

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