Saturday, April 11, 2015

1:30 am

Some nights you will have friends that stay up with you until 1:30 am and you'll wonder why but you won't question it because somehow your friendship deepens in the early hours of the morning when they could leave but they don't and you're half-asleep and half-awake and eating cookies because you can and talking about how Winter the dolphin should be freed even though you don't even know why you're saying that and laughing about things that one day you'll forget and whispering about things that may or may not matter and consuming way too much sugar which is probably the sole reason that everyone is able to stay awake and those nights,

 my friends,

those nights are the ones that will remain dear in your hearts,
the ones you take out from your mind on rainy days,
the ones you water so the seeds can become flowers someday.

Whether remain friends through the years or not,
I'll treasure that night.

Because that's what you do to memories.

Even if the people change,
even if distance tears things apart in some form,
you treasure the memories made with the people you love.

The memories don't change even when the world does.

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