Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Coffee Dates

This week has already started off well.
Yesterday, I ended up going on walks with my friends, getting a phone call from old friend, getting Starbucks, playing soccer, and reading Mere Christianity. It was actually a pretty busy but wonderful day.

And today, although it's only 10 in the morning, is a good day too.
It was a coffee and bagel date at Einstein bagels with my unit mates who are all leaving next semester. It's sad they are leaving, but it wasn't sad hanging out with them. It was refreshing and beautiful. We just had a really good time and we don't usually have time to hang out because of our schedules. Later today, I have rehearsal for reading spoken word at a concert and going for half-price appetizers with the unit.
It's a good day.
I feel it in my bones.

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