Monday, June 13, 2016

Failure: It's NOT the end

I've been a bit discouraged lately.

I've been trying to find a job and coming up short.
Besides that, I've been trying to get articles published.
I've also been failing at that.

It's been making me doubt my skills as a writer.
You see, I know I'm not the best writer out there.
However, I thought I was good enough to write something worthwhile and have it get published.

Also, I thought having a bachelor's degree and being school president and getting an academic scholarship would help me find a job easier.
I'm not saying anyone who doesn't have those things are unaccomplished but I just kept hearing the phrase; "That will look good on your resume."
I figured having it look good on my resume would help me get a job fairly quick.

However, so far, I haven't even gotten an interview besides a Starbucks one that was at a job fair.

So, I've been feeling a bit discouraged.
I thought I was capable of more.

But the more I stop and think about it,
I have to remind myself that not everyone gets "it" right off the bat.

Whatever the "it" is, it doesn't happen right away.

There's any tales of famous authors or actors who didn't get published right off the bat or get the role they auditioned for right away.

It took time for some.

Maybe I'm a person who takes some time before actually getting "it".
Whether it's a plain 'ole job, or a writing position, or an article published, or whatever "it" is for me,
maybe it will just take some time.

So, I'm waiting and I'm trying to remember the truth that's hard to remember;
failure is not the end.

I will keep trying,
keep striving,
keep going,

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