Monday, March 21, 2016

Spriiiing Breeeeaaakkk

So, I haven't written in just about a week and I apologize.
Things have been a little busy again.
Thankfully I am on spring break now so I won't have school to worry about but I still plan to fill up my spring break and catch up with friends and family.
So, I can't promise a lot of posts but I'll try to write when I can.
This weekend I traveled back home, I went to a wedding, had friends over, went to church, put on a bible program for kids, went to our church's coffeehouse event, and went out for more coffee with another friend.
Today has been a bit more relaxed but I still went to the dentist, a cute coffee shop and a stroll in the park (since I live in FL the weather was actually quite nice). 
So, already Spring Break has been eventful.

(sidenote: graduation is in like four weeks or so and I'm starting to freak out just a little bit)

So, there's not a whooole lot to this post but I can say I'm so thankful for this break and the future is crazy scary but exciting and that's all I got.

Tell me about your spring break, won't ya?

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