Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm Still Here

I'm Still Here,
i said.
i said it because I think you forgot.
somewhere in the midst of talking to me,
in the midst of encouraging me to find my dreams,
 i think you forgot.

I'm Still Here,
i said.
i'm still here for you,
i still believe in you too,
i still breath in words like oxygen,
i know i am still covered in endless amounts of sin,
but God is working in me again and again.

I'm Still Here,
i whispered.
i'm still the same me that i was,
i still do the same things because,
i'm still living my life and i thought you liked that,
i thought that's why you came and sat,
next to me,
talking to me,
believing in me,
seeing me...

i am still here,
i am still me,
i am still,

Are You Still Here,
i wonder.
were you ever here?
i wonder.
because each time i ponder,
i come up with no answers,
everything i know, everything i knew is just a blur.
was i blinded by how i felt,
blinded by your smile,
did i miss the fact?
that all the while,
you act like you cared
but you were never there...
so how can you still be here if you never were...
i am still me,
but i guess i was never her.

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