Sunday, March 6, 2016

Days Go By

Life update: it's been going.

I guess I haven't written in awhile because there's just so much and I don't want to miss life when writing about life.

Lately, I've been documenting in different ways.

In smiles, in articles, in laughs, in hugs, in pictures.

I'll catch you up a it though on the good things only though.
Because there's enough bad things in life and guess what? I got through the bad.
It's over and done with... 

sooooooooo moving on.

This week was a week of many things.
I went mattress surfing down the stairs.
I had my first improv drama show.
I watched Hotel Translyvania and ate donuts.
I went to Paint Wars where I was covered from head to toe in, yes you guessed it, paint.
I am working in school and learning things and reading and gaining knowledge.
I am growing in friendships, in God, and in life.

This weekend was our missions conference full of a ladies luncheon, a world cup soccer tournament, a cookout, and a chance to hear from many missionaries all over the country who spoke at our church about what they've been doing and what's going on in the world and we finished the conference weekend with an international potluck.

It actually has been a good week in spite of some challenges I faced.

And that's what has been going on in life.

Hopefully I will write more and be inspired more,
but hey,
if I don't,
just assume it's because I've been enjoying life.

Because I'd like to think that's what I am doing.
And if I'm not,
I am growing.

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